23 - NLE Choppa

23NLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics:
I just want my nut, after that,
bitch, get up off of me (B*tch, bye)
Presidential chop’, pu**y ni**a,
ain’t no offin’ me (I ain’t gon’ die)

You a pu**y with some discharge,
we call ’em cottage cheese (Hahaha)
Sent a hit off of Discord, it’s 2023 (2023)
New year, new me, it’s 2023 (’23)
Glock 2-3 (Brr), I dump the twenty piece (Brr-brr)

The old sh*t ain’t goin’ forward,
this a newer me (This a newer me)
Probably knew me last year,
but you don’t know me (Ayy, you don’t know me)

One light, two-litre bullsh*t, no deal
Onsight, for real
Crack sh*t, life seals
Beat a ni**a, MikeWill

I say how I, I feel
Give a f**k how you feel
Shooters still in the gym
Steppers still in the field

All he need is a pill
And he’ll still kill without one (Brrt, brrt)
Ain’t got a gun? Better buy one (Buy one)

Can’t afford it? Better take some (Better take one)
All lives matter, I take one (I take some)
Call me, “Booty,” I shake some (I make clap)

No homo, none taken (None taken)
F**k all the opps, no latex (No rubber)
Make the K bust, that’s great sex (No brothers)

Faceshot, give him a taste test (Brr)
Yeah, Motorollas servin’ feinds, yeah
Said you stolen, sayin’ feinds, yeah

I’m bipolar, I’ll tweak, yeah
Headshot make him sneeze there
He got played to the left, that’s a right way

Cottonwood baby, all night way
Ride around the corner for shafier
Caught buddy lurkin’ in broad day