What Will Happen To 21 Savage’s Fortune If He’s Deported


Published 1 week ago

While 21 Savage’s status in the United States remains in question, we’re learning one thing that’s for certain.

If the London-born rapper is deported back to his home country, all of the assets he earned inside the U.S. will remain his and cannot be seized by ICE agents. Savage has made a lot of money since gaining fame a few years back so when he was detained, rumblings about his money began.

ICE can take profits from an illegal alien if they were obtained illegally, however, that obviously isn’t the case for Savage. According to a TMZ report, 21 is able to keep the multi-million dollar fortune he obtained mostly within the U.S.

21 Savage was arrested last Saturday (February 3) and was accused by ICE of being an illegal immigrant from the United Kingdom. They claim he overstayed his visa.

Since, a birth certificate for 21 Savage has surfaced, proving he was born in London. His lawyer insists he applied for a U visa in 2017 and says the agency is trying to spread false information about the rapper.

Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage

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