2007 - J.I.D Feat. J. Cole

2007J.I.D Feat. J. Cole

Quotable Lyrics:
2007 cold drop to come up i was in
high school playing corner i never
dreamt of mumbling words in front of
hundreds studying plays all summer i hit
the league if my growth spurt coming on
my mom’s 2009 bro dropped the warm up i
was in warm ups playing wheezy and you

keep me little dragon flame breathing
the weed patrick had a studio dorm room
next to me i freestyled over his beats
my ni**a keys transferred in from
tennessee he’s a receiver i play db like
akeeb snatch a ni**a chain to
i could be lyrically but i put on cleat
scribble lines going through my mind
like a paper piece while in cover three

playing nickel doing safety reads watch
the flats i can rap but i rid the tackle
and pedal back get it picked when my
growth spurt hit i’mma be captain and i
was around 2010 no cap i got freshman
player of the year and figured i was on
track this ni**a had been in my ear

talking about rhyming on tracks so after
the practice we recorded and we got it on
wax and on campus i heard about a couple
rappers from atlanta said the ni**a be
snapping maybe we could make something
happen and ni**a i wasn’t serious enough
to even be curious and we lose like air