2 Million Up - Peezy, Jeezy, Real Boston Richey ft. Rob49

2 Million UpPeezy, Jeezy, Real Boston Richey ft. Rob49

Quotable Lyrics:
If we locked in, ain’t no switchin’up
Brodie came home, went to pick him up
Nigga killed my mans, I’m riding with a picture of him
Shoot back to the crib, went to pick the switches up

Stolen Trackhawk, got it tinted up
Caught him outside, now he in a blunt
Ain’t no fallin’off, I done put two million up, nigga
Ain’ no fallin’ off, I done put two million up

Brodie came home, same ol’ shit
Know I’m dead wrong
Still front his ass a brick (ayy)
Gave him ten bands had to equip him with a switch
Stupid with the blick

I don’t even know why I gave that nigga this shit
Now we right back in the shit
Goin’ through it at home but I don’t even wanna date another bitch
Bust down AP two tone either way I ain’t playin on my wrist
We been thuggin long I know I’m dead wrong I know you pissed

But tonight bae I can’t make it home I gotta bust my licks
Nigga play I drop a bag now that’s another hit
Mmm get some head go take a bath then switch another fit
Pops told me if you could make it out then you could fuck the bitch

I been waking up gotta bust my ass cause he wasn’t born rich
You know how it get brodie caught a couple cases
But we all know how it went

Couple niggas died from the other way I don’t know who spent
When I hit the D Peezy pick me up 580 Benz mmm mm mmm