2 Freaks - Sada Baby Feat. Snoop Dogg

2 FreaksSada Baby Feat. Snoop Dogg

Quotable Lyrics:
Two step in like Snoop
And my kinfolk ‘nem yellin’ whoop
Brown skin thing lookin’ like she know the Skub
She ain’t know who I was, I had the M’s back in school
Hormones jumpin’ like the Bose speakers, huh
No video, she probably ain’t supposed to be here

Mix my emotions with the Sprite, I ain’t clutchin’ the heater
You know I’m too much for anything, they be duckin’ them features
I feel like love is in the air, I took a puff and took it there
I grabbed my cup and gave her a hug, we bustin’ up, act like I care
Hold up, think I know this one more freak, I peeped through her mascara
She was cryin’ ’cause she thought I was ’bout to slide with her best friend
Like, nah, boo-boo, we can share, you know it’s better with a pair

Throw my robe on, Ric Flair
One rule, don’t grab hair
For sure can’t touch the beard
My people function for years
I make your granny show veneers
I be dancin’ and she cheer