2 Death - Fredo Bang

2 DeathFredo Bang

Quotable Lyrics:
I been readin’ the Bible backwards and I still see the flaws in it
This time keep passin’, I’m tryna make sure ain’t no losses
Still movin’ in war, you know it won’t be no pause in it

If I see that paperwork, I hope one of my dogs ain’t in it
She say she love me, I don’t know if she want the d*ck or the drop
That pu**y good, but I ain’t blind, I’m gon’ figure her out

Put a potato on a barrel, call it cream in a crop
They had me stuck down at the bottom, but I’m still at your top
Too busy chasin’ bags, had to take me a deep breathe

I put two hundred on the dash, now I ride with a seat belt
My mama tellin’ me ’bout Heaven, I just hope I see Gee therе
If I tell the opps that it ain’t over ‘causе we still gon’ have beef there

(Huh, woo)
God gave me two feet, you know that I’ma step
Ni**as played me dirty, so you know I got ’em swept (Yeah)
Ni**as wanted smoke with me until they hit the meth
Ask me ’bout the opps, I’ll tell you, “I love they ass to death” (Yeah)

I love your ass to death
I love your ass to death
I love your ass to death (Yeah)

I’m comin’ down they block
If you ask me ’bout the opps, I’ll say,
“I love they ass to death”

Fredo Bang