1Thing Freestyle - Fabolous

1Thing FreestyleFabolous

Quotable Lyrics:
it’s really a few things but
if it ain’t one thing it’s a muthaf**kin
other bitching on my
nerves but i muthaf**kin lover he got
a family chain that’s my muthaf**kin
brother like my father pop they mothers
these my muthaf**kin brothers you

other suckers suffer you ain’t nothing
like us i mean even if they step us they
ain’t strutting like us y’all ain’t
jumping in them foreign pushing buttons
like us and i don’t even love the money
it be certain like lust i gotta have
this got a desire for living lavish

checks every time i turn around jordan
travis one thing about him he gonna pull
up ghetto favish lite skin pretty
savage she my little zoe kravitz none of
this is average you ni**a is average we
had street money my ni**a was average
getting to that breach huh boo click or
reach huh you call up patrice huh we

call a tree huh big dog bad
running off the leash huh turn you to a
cash doll like your name was keisha act
up get snatched up jt karisha keys to my
heartbeats like swiss and alicia free
all of the real ones should be on the
streets huh still donald trump he

should have pardoned meech huh pardon in my
speech huh i’m hard for you to reach huh
i’m in and out of brooklyn james harden
in these streets huh feeling like a
mellow at the garden in these streets
huh skip to my lou you can’t guard me in
these streets huh you little