Like You (Groove 3) - Wiz Khalifa,1000 Women - Wiz Khalifa Feat. THEY.,Big Daddy Wiz - Wiz Khalifa Feat. Girl Talk

1000 WomenWiz Khalifa Feat. THEY.

Quotable Lyrics:
I can’t explain the way that I feel for you
Don’t know how you can see through all the things
How I decide everything we go through
No matter what I say, it’s you

It’s only you
Okay (You), okay (You, oh baby)
It’s only you, uh
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you (Talk to ’em)

Used that to think all that I wanted was a thousand women
‘Til I had a thousand women, now, I can’t remember
All ’em goin’ back and forth, having competition

Not really tryna pay it forward with the life I’m living
Grew up, young pretty boy, having all the b*tches
Now I’m a lil’ bit older, I see things different
Used to think all that I wanted was a thousand women

Now I feel more mature, all I think about is children
Runnin’ ’round my backyard while I’m smokin’ out and chillin’
Teach ’em how to run the business, give ’em all Black privilege
To get that done, I don’t need a thousand women
I only need one real one