1000 Miles - Dave East,Don't Let Me Down - Dave East Feat. Benny The Butcher

1000 MilesDave East

Quotable Lyrics:
My mama had two real ones, I just happened to be the oldest
With this passion, I’m gon’ kill it, crack a smile, f**k my opponent
So much action on these corners, old head came home from a quarter
He’d been down since ’97, phones was out, ni**as recordin’
He could barely work a iPhone, he’d wake up and he’d pour Crown

This ni**a built like Conan, he used to be the dopeman
Early mornings, we was out there clownin’ like a slow jam
Nеver touched no paper now I could put it in my bro hand
I should tеll you ’bout them h*es, ’bout them snakes, ’bout these haters
I got revenge besides murder, never stop gettin’ yo paper
Fast break, you got the ball, just focus up and score the layup

Celebrate all of your wins, put on some Hov, and pour some Ace out
I think I’m Elon Musk, I think I’m Jeff Bezos
Call me Simon, b*tches doin’ sh*t just ‘cuz I say so
Really from them blocks where ni**as get shot every day though
You tough, right? My name came with a Felony like Jayo
Just me, Shoota and Drayno[?]