$100 Bill - Big Freedia feat. Ciara

$100 BillBig Freedia feat. Ciara

“$100 Bill” is an energetic hip-hop and bounce song by American rapper Big Freedia, featuring Ciara. The song features Big Freedia’s signature energetic delivery and catchy hooks, with Ciara adding her own sultry vocals to the mix. The song is described as an anthem for feeling fresh, fabulous, and confident in one’s own skin. It is a fun dance track with a hypnotic beat and infectious melodies.

The vocals describe the joys of having money and the lavish lifestyle that comes with it, with both artists celebrating their success and accomplishments. “100 Dollar Bill” has become a fan favorite for its upbeat and catchy sound, and showcases the unique fusion of bounce and hip-hop that Big Freedia is known for.