1 On 3 - Fivio Foreign, Rvssian

1 On 3Fivio Foreign, Rvssian

Quotable Lyrics:
We could do it one on one
We could do it one on three
Lil’ bro hop out with the—, shh (Boom)
And a mask on his face like he ski

That tough sh*t not gon’ fly (Why?)
We all know you not like me
Boy, you gon’ run into him, run into him
Run into him, ‘fore you run into me, like— (Boom)

Yeah, jump in your face, like— (Huh)
Yeah, stomp in your face like— (Hmm-hmm)
Yeah, big gun let off, like— (Hmm)
Yeah, shots fly off the boy, like— (Boom, hmm)

Swing on the boy, like— (Huh)
Beat up the boy, like— (Hmm-hmm)
Yeah, shots flying off the boy, like— (Boom, boom, boom)

Jump out the car, just me and my gun (Skrrt)
Don’t twitch, don’t move, don’t run (Nah)
He don’t fight back, then it ain’t no fun
I don’t care who you call ’cause hе ain’t gon’ come
I take a Perc’, I don’t feel no prеssure (Nah)

Huh, don’t kill my effort (Ha)
My ex wanna f**k and I still might let her
But I’m still gon’ leave, she don’t feel no better (Look)
I caught a new kill with two homies

I got a few drills I did doley
We get caught, then I got two co-des
He caught a hit, the lawyer cost me a Rollie (Baow)
Get too fly, I don’t sag in my pants

I lift my shirt, my gun gon’ show (Baow, baow)
I see an opp, I look to the left
I tap his shoulder, my son gon’ blow (Grrt, baow)

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