Chris Brown’s Daughter Proves She Can Stunt Like Her Daddy


Published 2 weeks ago

Chris Brown is an immensely talented performer and singer, so it’s no surprise that his daughter Royalty shares those same talents.

Video recently surfaced on Instagram showing Royalty busting a move, and it looks like she can give her famous dad a run for his money.

Just a few days ago, Royalty showed off her singing ability in a selfie video of her and her grandmother singing along to her daddy’s recent single “No Guidance.”

From the looks of it, granddaughter and grandmother were out for a swim as the song was being played on speakers near a pool.

So to recap, she’s got the moves, and the voice is on its way. Maybe Royalty could become another version of her dad? No wonder he named one of his albums after her.

Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

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