A$AP Rocky Detained In Sweden For Two Weeks


Published 1 week ago

Written by Moriba Cummings

A$AP Rocky is staying in Sweden longer than he hoped to. After getting into a brawl on Sunday ahead of his appearance at a music festival in Sweden, the rapper was legally ordered to stay put for two weeks in pre-trial detention while the police investigate the altercation.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson said on Friday that, following the hearing at the Stockholm District Court, A$AP — real name Rakim Mayers — “was to be held on a lesser assault charge than he initially had demanded.”

Defense attorney Henrik Olsson Lilja said Rocky and his team “were attacked and he made use of self-defense,” before adding that they would be appealing the ruling.

This all comes following reports that the “Fashion Killa” rapper was involved in a fight on Sunday ahead of his appearance at a music festival in the country. The other party involved in the altercation remains anonymous, as of this publishing.

Video clips have been circulating on social media showing A$AP violently tossing around a person while members of his team joined in punching and kicking the person to the ground. The rapper has since posted videos of his own, claiming that the other party was repeatedly harassing him and his entourage.

“I’m innocent,” he wrote on Instagram.

He was arrested on Wednesday and was forced to cancel his performances in Norway and Poland. His world tour has also been paused due to the incident.

(Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

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